Planning Enforcement

What is Planning Enforcement?

Whilst it is not a criminal offence to carry out development without first obtaining planning permission, this is a contravention of planning laws and the District Council has powers to enforce those laws. The Council has a Strategy for dealing with potential Enforcement  cases

How is this achieved?

By the serving of:

  • Enforcement Notices – requiring the contravention to be remedied.
  • Stop Notices – requiring immediate cessation of the contravention.
  • Breach of Condition Notices – served when conditions attached to planning permission are being ignored.

What happens next?

Contraveners can appeal against an Enforcement Notice to the Planning Inspectorate (external link).

If an Enforcement Notice is upheld it must be complied with within a specified period. Non-compliance does then become a criminal offence which may result in the offender being taken to Court.

The maximum fine for non-compliance of a valid Enforcement Notice is £20,000.

Contact us if you think that development is proceeding without the benefit of planning permission or that conditions imposed on a planning permission are being breached.

We will usually visit a complaint site and inform you what, if anything, can be done within 4 weeks of the receipt of your complaint.

Use of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAVs) or drones have become far more common in recent years and can provide valuable advantages when carrying out Council operations, allowing Officers to carry out certain tasks with more efficiency and safety.

The Wealden District Council Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy has been adopted by the Council to ensure that Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAVs) operation, associated with Wealden District Council, is carried out safely and in strict conformity with the Council’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved Operations Manual, the CAA issued Permission for Commercial Operations and the relevant legislation governing SUAV flight.