Planning Enforcement

What is Planning Enforcement?

Whilst it is not a criminal offence to carry out development without first obtaining planning permission, this is a contravention of planning laws and the District Council has powers to enforce those laws. The Council has a Strategy for dealing with potential Enforcement  cases

How is this achieved?

By the serving of:

  • Enforcement Notices – requiring the contravention to be remedied.
  • Stop Notices – requiring immediate cessation of the contravention.
  • Breach of Condition Notices – served when conditions attached to planning permission are being ignored.

What happens next?

Contraveners can appeal against an Enforcement Notice to the Planning Inspectorate .

If an Enforcement Notice is upheld it must be complied with within a specified period. Non-compliance does then become a criminal offence which may result in the offender being taken to Court.

The maximum fine for non-compliance of a valid Enforcement Notice is £20,000.

Contact us if you think that development is proceeding without the benefit of planning permission or that conditions imposed on a planning permission are being breached.

We will usually visit a complaint site and inform you what, if anything, can be done within 4 weeks of the receipt of your complaint.