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Planning Fees

The cost of your planning application will depend on the type and scale of your development. Use the Planning Portal Fee Calculator to calculate the cost online, or refer to the Fees List.

Some types of development and application do not have a fee. If you submit an application and it’s exempt from a fee, we’ll check this when we process your application.

The most common application types that you do not need to pay a fee for are: 

  • Listed Building Consent applications
  • works to an existing house in order to provide access to the house, or inside the house, for a disabled person who lives there; this does not include the construction of a new house
  • works with the sole purpose of providing a means of access to a disabled person to or within a building which is accessible to the public
  • relevant demolition in a Conservation Area 
  • works to trees covered by a Tree Protection Order 
  • resubmitting an application within 12 months (see the ‘Free Go’ section

Please look at the Planning Portal guide if you’re not sure if you need to pay a fee for the works you want to do.

You can sometimes resubmit a planning application with no fee. This is known as a ‘Free Go’.

The ‘Free Go’ application must be:

  • the same applicant
  • the same application type
  • for the same development proposal
  • at the same site
  • submitted within 12 months of the close of the original application
  • used only once

You might use your ‘Fee Go’ because:

  • we refused permission for your previous application
  • you withdrew your previous application
  • we granted permission for your previous application, but you want to make some small changes to the works and want permission for your updated plans

The government provides further details about when an application is eligible for a ‘Free Go’ (external website).  

Use the Pre-Application Advice fees page for details on the the cost of the service where you will also find details of the service offered.

Depending on the type of document you are looking for and when it was produced, you may be able to download it from our website or you may need to contact us to request it.

We make a charge for copies of documents as shown in the fees and charges book.

The Building Regulations Fees available for the East Sussex Building Control Partnership, are divided into Plan and Inspection Fees, Building Notice Fees, Regularisation Fees and supplementary charges including fees for chargeable advice. They are different for each type of work.

The document “Scheme for the recovery of Building Regulation charges and associated matters” has also been produced and should be read in conjunction with the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

Further details regarding how to pay for an application can be viewed using the Online Payments information page.