Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan Submission Documents and Evidence Base

The Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on Wednesday 25 March 2015. A full Index of Submission and Supporting Documents used in the preparation of the Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan is available to view. A number of these documents are available to download below.

A. Submission Documents

A1. Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan – Submission Version – March 2015

A2. Sustainability Appraisal – March 2015

A3. Sustainability Appraisal – Non Technical Summary – March 2015 

A4a. Submission Statement (pursuant to Regulation 22 (1)(c ) – Part 1 of 2

A4b. Submission Statement (pursuant to Regulation 22(1)(c) – Part 2 of 2

A5. Statement of Community Involvement –  Adopted February 2007

A6. Draft Statement of Community Involvement – Adopted 2007

A7. Local Development Scheme – January 2015

A8. Core Strategy – Adopted February 2013

A9. Equalities Impact Assessment – March 2015

A11. Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule – Submission Document – March 2015

A12. Infrastructure Delivery Plan – March 2015

A13. Development of the Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan – March 2015

A14. Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan Proposals Maps

B. Regulation 19 – Revised Proposed Submission Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan – Consultation – 2nd February 2015 to 16th March 2015

B1. Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan – Revised Proposed Submission Consultation Paper – February 2015

B2. Cabinet Local Development Framework Sub Committee 15th January 2015 – Agenda and Reports Pack

B3.Cabinet Local Development Framework Sub Committee 15th January 2015 – Printed Minutes

B4.Joint Planning Committee 15th January 2015 – Agenda and Reports Pack

B5.Joint Planning Committee 15th January 2015 – Printed Minutes

B6. Full Council on 28th January 2015 – Agenda and Reports Pack

B7. Full Council on 28th January 2015 – Printed Minutes

B8. Sustainability Appraisal Report – February 2015 (pdf) and Non Technical Summary – February 2015

B9. Equalities Impact Assessment – February 2015

B10. Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan Proposals Maps

B11. Guidance Notes

B12. Representation Form

B13. List of Respondents

B14. List of Representations:

C. Regulation 19 – Proposed Submission Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan – Consultation – 1st December 2014 to 12th January 2015

C1. Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan – Proposed Submission Consultation Paper – December 2014

C2. Cabinet Local Development Framework Sub Committee 13th November 2014 – Agenda and Reports Pack

C3. Cabinet Local Development Framework Sub Committee 13th November 2014 – Printed Minutes

C4. Joint Planning Committee North and South 13th October 2014 – Agenda and Reports Pack

C5. Joint Planning Committee North and South 13th October 2014 – Printed Minutes

C6. Full Council 26th November 2014 – Agenda and Reports Pack

C7. Full Council 26th November 2014 – Printed Minutes

C8. Sustainability Appraisal – December 2014 (pdf) and Non-Technical Summary – December 2014

C9. Equalities Impact Assessment – December 2014

C10. Guidance Notes

C11. Representation Form

C12. List of Respondents

C13. Individual Representations Received:

D. Issues and Options Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan Consultation – 22nd September 2014 to 3 November 2014

D1. Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan – Issues & Options Consultation Paper – September 2014

D2. Cabinet Local Development Framework Sub Committee 13th October 2014

D3. Cabinet Local Development Framework Sub Committee 13th October 2014

D4. Planning and Development Portfolio Holder Decision 12th September 2014

D5. Issues and Options Consultation Report and Appendix

D6. Sustainability Appraisal Report – September 2014 

D7. Guidance Notes

D8. Representation Form 

D9. List of Respondents

D10. Individual Representations Received:

E. Sustainability Appraisal

F. Evidence Base

F1. Final Methodology for the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment – October 2008 (pdf)

F2. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Evidence Base & Appendices – March 2010 (pdf)

F3. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Addendum Evidence Base – October 2010 (pdf)

F4. Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Interim Statement – January 2012 (pdf)

F5. Wealden Housing Market Assessment 2007 (pdf)

F6. Eastbourne and South Wealden Housing Market Assessment 2007 (pdf)

F7. Wealden Affordable Housing Viability Assessment – Three Dragons – September 2009 (pdf) and Errata (pdf)

F8. Wealden Affordable Housing Viability Assessment (Supplementary Report) – Three Dragons – September 2010 (pdf)

F9. Wealden Housing Needs Assessment by Fordham Research – January 2010:

F10. (East Sussex County Council & Wealden) Wealden Older Persons Housing and Support Strategy 2008 – 2028 (pdf)

F11. Wealden District Council Housing Strategy 2008 – 2013 – October 2008 (pdf)

F12. West Kent Strategic Housing Market Assessment – December 2008 (pdf)

F13. Core Strategy Background Paper 2: Managing the delivery of Housing – August 2007 (pdf)

F14. Strategic Sites Background Paper: Housing – March 2014 (pdf)

G. Viability Evidence

G2. Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Evidence Base Update (Peter Brett & Associates) – August 2014 (pdf)

H. National Legislation, Policy and Guidance

H1. National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (pdf)

H2. National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) (external link)

H3. Localism Act 2011 (pdf)

H4. The Town & Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2012 (pdf)

H5. The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (pdf)

H6. The Highways Act 1980 (6.36MB pdf)

H7. The Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (18.1MB pdf)

H8. National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 (pdf)

H9. Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) (pdf)

H10. Statutory Instrument by the Secretary of State for the Environment Use Classes Order 1987 (including amendments in 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2013)

H11. Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (pdf)

H12. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (pdf)

H13. Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 (pdf)

H14. Equalities Act 2010 (pdf)

H15. Climate Change Act 2008 (pdf)

H16. The Enterprise & Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (pdf)

H17. The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended) (pdf)

H18. The Conservation of Habitats and Species (amendment) Regulations 2012 (pdf)

H19. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Government Circular: 06/05 Biodiversity and Geological Conservation – Statutory Obligation and Their Impact within The Planning System – 16th August 2005 (pdf)

H20. Planning for Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: A Guide to Good Practice – March 2006 (pdf)

H21. Planning Together: Updated practical guide for Local Strategic Partnerships and Planners – April 2009 (pdf)

H22. Department for Communities and Local Government Strong & Prosperous Communities The Local Government White Paper – October 2006 (pdf)

H23. Department for Communities and Local Government National Indicators for Local Authorities and Local Authority Partnerships: Update of National Indicators (2009) Definitions

H24. Department for Environment Rural Affairs Local Sites: Guidance on their Identification, Selection and Management – 2006 (pdf)

H25. Homes and Communities Agency National Land Use Database

H26. Department for Communities and Local Government Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments Practice Guidance – July 2007 (pdf)

H27. Department for Communities and Local Government Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide – November 2010 (pdf)

H28. Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 2009 v 9.90) – March 2010 (pdf)

H29. Cost of Building to the Code for Sustainable Homes Updated Cost Review – August 2011 (pdf)

H30. English Partnerships, Housing Corporation – A Cost Review for the Code of Sustainable Homes Report for the English Partnerships and the Housing Corporation – February 2007 (pdf)

H31. Cost Analysis of The Code for Sustainable Homes, Final Report – CLG 2008 (pdf)

H32. Code for Sustainable Homes: A Cost Review – CLG 2010 (pdf)

H33. Department for Communities and Local Government – Planning for the Protection of European Sites: Appropriate Assessment Guidance for Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development –  August 2006 (pdf)

H34. HM Government The Building Regulations 2014

H35. Natural England ‘Nature Nearby’ Accessible Natural Greenspace Guidance – March 2010 (pdf)

H36. An Analysis of the Accessible Natural Greenspace Provision in the South East – February 2007  (5.03MB pdf)

H37. Green Infrastructure and the Urban Fringe: learning lessons from the Countryside in and around towns programme – Natural England 2007 (pdf)

H38. Sustainable Development Indicators – July 2013 (pdf)

H39. Summary of changes to the Code for Sustainable Homes technical guidance – November 2010 (pdf)

H40. Improvement and Development Agency Planning Advisory Service. A steps approach to infrastructure planning and delivery for local strategic partnerships and local authorities – June 2009

H41. A Steps Approach to Infrastructure Planning and Delivery – June 2009 (pdf)

H42. Building a Greener Future: Policy Statement – CLG 2007 (pdf)

H43. The Plan for Growth, March 2011 Budget (HM Treasury) (pdf)

H44. UK Low Carbon Transition Plan: National Strategy for Climate Change & Energy – July 2009 (pdf)

H45. The Carbon Plan: Delivering Low Carbon Future (HM Government) – December 2011 (pdf)

H46. Lifetime Homes Standards (July 2010)

H47. Office of National Statistics The Shaw Trust: Ability at work, Disability and Employment Statistics

H48. Hometrack House price data

H49. Rightmove Private rent and buy statistics

H50. Electricity 10 year statement (EYTS) 2012

H51. National Grid 2009 Gas Transportation Ten Year Statement (5.28MB pdf)

H52. Natural Environment White Paper – The Natural Choice – Securing the value of nature – June 2011 (pdf)

H53. Planning for a healthy environment: Good Practice for Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity – July 2012 (Town & Country Planning Association and the Wildlife trusts) (7.01MB pdf)

H54. The Hedgerows Regulations 1997 (pdf)

H55. Strategic Approaches to the Habitats Regulations Assessment (draft for consultation) DEFRA Sept 2013

H56. NHS England Business Case Approvals Process – Capital Investment, Property Equipments and ICT -August 2013 (pdf)

H57. Ministerial Statement HCWS50 – 28th November 2014 (pdf)

I. Documents Relating to Other Local Authorities

I1. Eastbourne Borough Council – Core Strategy Local Plan 2006-2027 (6.16MB pdf)

I2. Tunbridge Wells Borough Council – Core Strategy Development Plan Document – Adopted June 2010 (pdf)

I3. Mid Sussex District Council – District Plan Consultation Draft 2014-2031 (pdf)

I4. Lewes District Council – Proposed Submission Core Strategy – January 2013 (8.90MB pdf)

I5. Rother District Council – Adopted Core Strategy – September 2014 (pdf)

I6. Tandridge District Council – Adopted Core Strategy – October 2008 (pdf)