Housing Delivery Test and Action Plan

Housing Delivery Test and Action Plan

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) was introduced by government through paragraph 215 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) that was first published in July 2018 as a way to monitor whether a local planning authority is building enough homes to meet its housing requirement over a three year period.

The HDT measures the number of new homes built over the previous three years against the authority’s housing requirement. Local planning authorities are required to take appropriate actions where certain delivery target thresholds, as set out in the NPPF, are not met. These include the following:

  • Where housing delivery falls below 95% of local authority’s housing requirement, local planning authorities should prepare a ‘Housing Action Plan’ that sets out the causes of under delivery and the intended actions to increase housing delivery within its administrative area.
  • Where housing delivery falls below 85% of the local authority’s housing requirement, a 20% buffer on the local planning authority’s five year housing land supply position should be applied.
  • Where housing delivery falls below 75% of the local authority’s housing requirement, the NPPFs presumption in favour of sustainable development (paragraph 11 of the NPPF) will apply in decision-taking.

It should be noted that these consequences apply concurrently. For example, if the local planning authority falls below 85% of its housing delivery target, then an ‘Housing Action Plan’ should be produced, as well as the application of a 20% buffer on its five year housing land supply position. The consequences will continue to apply until the next HDT measurement is published. The latest HDT measurements for Wealden District Council are outlined below.

2020 Housing Delivery Test Measurement

The 2020 HDT results were published by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) on 19 January 2021. This stated that Wealden District Council had a 2020 HDT measurement of 83%. The full results can be found on MHCLG’s website.

Whilst the Council has delivered a record number of new homes in the last year and granted a significant increase in new planning consents, our HDT results has not improved for the 2020 measurement and we will therefore revised and published an updated Housing Action Plan in June 2021 (see below).

In addition, the Council now needs to apply a 20% buffer to its existing five year housing land supply position that was last published as of 1 April 2020. An addendum to the Council’s current five year housing land supply position statement, which outlines implications of the HDT measurement for 2020, can be found at the link below:

Housing Action Plan

The Housing Action Plan is produced by a local planning authority where delivery is below 95% of their housing requirement. It will identify the reasons for under-delivery, explore ways to reduce the risk of further under-delivery and set out measures the authority intends to take to improve levels of delivery.

The Council’s Housing Action Plan for the 2020 HDT measurement can be found below: