Wealden Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2016

The Wealden District Council Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) was undertaken by Billfinger GVA. The purpose of this study was to understand Wealden District Council’s current and future housing market and how this relates to the District’s housing growth and needs. Specifically, the SHMA sought to identify a Housing Market Area (HMA) focused on Wealden District, levels of housing demand and estimates of households in affordable housing need, including the requirements of specific needs groups. The latest SHMA can be downloaded below:

Wealden Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) 2017

Regeneris Consulting Ltd was commissioned by Wealden District Council to undertake a partial review of its Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) that was published in August 2016. The aim of this work was to provide an updated assessment of the Objectively Assessed Needs (OAN) for housing based on the 2014-based population and household projections released by the ONS and MHCLG respectively in June 2016. The initial study (published in February, 2017) focused on a study period from 2013 to 2037 and the most recent update (published in March, 2017) focuses on a shorter study period from 2013 to 2028. The documents can be downloaded below.

It should be noted that the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) published in February 2019 states under paragraph 60 that strategic policies on housing need should now be informed by a local housing need assessment, conducted using the ‘standard method’ in national planning practice guidance, unless exceptional circumstances justify an alternative approach. The NPPF does supersede the evidence base documents below.

Additional housing evidence base documents that relate specifically to older person housing and housing need within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are provided below: