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Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (Update)

To support the development of the new Local Plan, the Council is required by law to undertake a Sustainability Appraisal (SA). The SA is an integral part of the plan making process and from the outset; it must consider ways by which the plan can contribute to improvements in environmental, social and economic conditions as well as a means of identifying and mitigating any potential adverse effects that the plan might otherwise have.

The SA Scoping Report is the first stage in the SA process and considers the context and scope of an SA for the new local plan and establishes an assessment process to ensure that the options considered for the policies and site allocations are assessed against suitable sustainability objectives.

The Council produced and consulted upon an SA Scoping Report in 2020/2021 alongside our Direction of Travel Consultation. Given the consideration of new and emerging evidence, legislation and policy changes since this time, the Council consulted on an updated SA Scoping Report from 26th June to 7th August 2023. This included consulting the three main statutory consultees (the Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England), neighbouring authorities, local communities and other interested parties.  The Council has considered all consultation responses received and has updated the SA Scoping report accordingly.

Initial Sustainability Appraisal (SA) for the draft Wealden Regulation 18 Local Plan

The Council has published an Initial Sustainability Appraisal (SA) alongside the District’s Draft Wealden (Regulation 18) Local Plan. The Initial SA provides a summary of the SA Assessments and also a set of appendices that provide the summary matrices for the SA Assessments.

The Interim SA can be viewed on theLocal Plan Consultation – Available Downloads

If you would like to view the Full SA Policy Assessments or SA Site Assessments please visit our full sustainability appraisal assessments.

Initial SA Feedback and Recommendations Report

The Council has worked with Jam Consulting Ltd who has provided advice, support and guidance on the Local Plan SA process so far. Jam Consulting Ltd has provided an Initial SA Feedback and Recommendations Report in relation to the Initial SA of the draft Wealden Regulation 18 Local Plan. This can also be accessed via our Local Plan Consultation – Available Downloads