Gardeners’ Corner – monthly hints and tips for your garden

Garden scene


April tends to be a month of sunshine and showers. The warmth, light and moisture all help the earth to wake up. More plants are emerging from the soil and spring flowers are blooming. The birds are singing and building nests to raise their young. Keep feeding them if you can, they need to keep their strength up at this time of year. Making life easier for birds benefits us because they help to keep pests in check and they will doubtless brighten up your day.

It is a time of preparation and renewal. Remember that you can sign up or renew your garden waste subscription from 1 April by visiting This year you can even request up to four bins.

Get ready

Now is the time to be planting seeds indoors (such as basil, aubergine and courgette), ready to plant out or move to the greenhouse when they are established and the risk of frost has passed. If you haven’t already bought (or saved) seeds, visit your local garden centre and get sowing. Try some sunflowers. Once they make it past infancy they are very tough and when they flower they will make you smile every time you look at them.

Love your lawn

If you have unwanted mossy patches in your lawn these can be removed by raking vigorously (a process called scarification). The moss may indicate poor drainage so use a garden fork to spike the lawn to improve the situation. You can then scatter grass seed to replenish the lawn and fill in the gaps.

Pond life

If you have a pond, it may need a little maintenance at this time of year. Established plants might need dividing so they don’t outgrow their baskets and take over the whole pond (it can happen, so beware!). If you have space, it’s the perfect time to introduce new aquatic plants before the growing season really gets underway. And, for lovely clear water all through the summer, add a bundle of barley straw which will discourage algae.

Weed and trim

Continue to keep on top of the weeding to allow space and nutrition for the plants you want to grow. It’s much easier to do this when the weeds are small and haven’t had time to establish strong root systems. If any trees or shrubs have produced unwanted suckers, cut them away now before they get carried away.

By deadheading spring bulbs and bedding flowers you will keep them looking lovely and they won’t waste energy setting seed. If you have bracken, or other ferns, cut away any tatty fronds to make way for new ones that are starting to unfurl.

Keep well

Being active in our gardens brings enormous benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst we are cooped up do make the most of your garden, not just to work in it, but to play and to relax. Whether you are out there getting your hands dirty or sitting on the doorstep catching a few rays and listening to birdsong, please enjoy, stay safe, and stay local for now.