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Reasons to use Real Nappies

Here are five good reasons to use Real Nappies:

1. Easy to use

You no longer need to boil, soak, use pins or fold and they are no harder to put on than a disposable. They are normally fastened with Velcro or poppers.

2. Save money

Using Real Nappies will also save money compared with using disposables. The average baby gets through 4,000 disposable nappies from birth to being potty trained. It is estimated that you can save up to £500 by using Real Nappies, and more if the nappies are used on your second and third child.

3. Better for the environment

Every baby using disposable nappies can produce up to half a tonne of nappy waste a year. By switching to reusable cloth nappies (‘Real Nappies’), you could halve the amount of waste you produce.

4. Better for your baby

The effects of the chemicals and plastics on baby’s sensitive skin and developing body are largely unknown. Modern Real Nappies don’t contain any chemicals and absorbent gels and the breathable fabrics are kinder to baby’s skin. By using Real Nappies you have much more control over what is next to your baby’s skin.

5. Try for free

If you live in Wealden you can borrow the Wealden Real Nappy Trial Kit, completely free of charge!