Statement of Accounts

After the end of each financial year, the Council has to publish a formal set of accounts. This includes:
  • a narrative report
  • a statement of its income and expenditure for the year
  • a statement showing the value of its assets at the end of the year
  • a statement showing the movement in its cash balances
The Statement of Accounts have been compiled in accordance with the Local Authority Accounting Code of Practice in force at the time.  The Statement of Accounts are subject to independent audit by an auditor appointed by Public Sector Appointments Limited from 1 April 2015, or the Audit Commission prior to 31 March 2015.


Under Para 10(1) of The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, the Local Authority must publish its Statement of Accounts together with any certificate or opinion, entered by the local auditor in accordance with section 20(2) of the Act, by 31 July. However, an audit of the accounts will not be concluded by 31 July. This has primarily been due to the late publication of the unaudited Statement of Accounts, due in turn to a temporary lack of capacity for a variety of reasons that took place over the time when the accounts needed to be closed, including sickness, resignation and delays to filling vacancies.  These issues have now been largely resolved and it is not anticipated that this will present a problem in future years. The Local Authority will publish the audited Statement of Accounts as soon as reasonably practicable after the receipt of any report from the auditor which contains the auditor’s final findings from the audit. This is likely to be at the next meeting of the Audit, Finance & Governance Committee on 25 September 2019.