Public Registers

Wealden District Council hold a number of Public Registers, which can either be viewed online or in person at the Council’s reception by appointment.

Public Register of Cooling Towers

Details of registered Cooling Towers in Wealden

Reference: CT004

  • Address: Shep Plastics, The Old Pottery, Lower Dicker
  • Device: 4
  • Details: Check and test monthly, and disinfect. Also annual deep clean. Have own lab to test.
  • Telephone: 01323 440088

Reference: CT016

  • Address: Britannia Superfine, Chaucer industrial Estate, Polegate
  • Device: 1
  • Details: Monthly checks and bacteriological samples, quarterly for legionella
  • Telephone: 01323 485155

Council Asset Register

List of Council owned assets.

Environment Protection Act (EPA) Permits Register

View the Environment Protection Act (EPA) Permits Register for existing pollution control permits.

Gambling Register

Search for existing permits and current applications on the Gambling Licence Register.

Licencing Register

Search the Council’s Alcohol and Entertainment Licence Register.

Planning and Building Control Applications

View and search for Planning, Building Control, Planning Enforcement and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) made to the Council.

Telecommunications Masts Register

View details of all telecommunication applications, including mobile phone masts, which have been received by Wealden District Council.