Domestic Property

The Council owns approximately 3,000 council houses, the majority of which are located within the 5 main towns. For details on available council houses or to make a Right to Buy application please contact the Housing Department.

Garden plots

The Council owns several garden plots which are generally in locations close to Council Estates, they are being used for the purpose of gardening due to the land having not been developed, and are offered to Council tenants in priority to private residents.

Availability and plans

There are a number of unused garden plots at present. The rental for garden plots varies in respect of the size of plot and currently stands at £0.23 per square metre, for the financial year 2016/17.

Statutory allotments

None of the Council’s garden plots are statutory allotments, however a number of the Town and Parish Councils do have such allotments. Please contact your Town and Parish Councils direct to enquire about availability.