Make a Benefit Claim

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support are for people who need help paying their rent and council tax.
Please ensure you have read our Housing Benefit  and Council Tax Support pages before making a claim as not everyone of working age can claim Housing Benefit but instead must claim Universal Credit.

How do I claim?

If you want to claim either Housing benefit or Council Tax Support  for the first time you can use our online form, you can claim both on the same application.

If you already have a claim with us but want to tell us something has changed you can tell us online.

What evidence will I need?

When you use our online claim we will provide you with a list of evidence we need when you have completed the claim. If you do not have a printer please have a pen and paper ready to note down the documents we need and the reference number and password set up.  If you are unsure about a question please view our online claim help page.

You can send us the evidence attached to an email to or you can send them to Benefits Service, Wealden District Council, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX. . If you post the evidence we will need to see original documents but we will send these back to you as soon as possible.

If you pay for childcare and don’t have invoices you will need to ask you childcare provider to complete and return a Childcare payment form

When will my claim start?

If something stopped you from applying for housing benefit at an earlier date, you can ask for your claim to be backdated to this date. A claim can only be backdated for a maximum of one month for working age claimants and 3 months if you have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit, if you provide proof of your income for the period of backdating.

If you are working age you will need to prove good cause for failing to claim earlier, and that this good cause existed continuously during the period for which you’ve requested backdating for.

Examples of good cause include:

  • you did not immediately claim benefit after leaving hospital
  • you were ill and had no-one to make a claim on your behalf
  • you did not know that you could claim benefit, perhaps because of age, inexperience or language difficulties
  • you have suffered a recent family bereavement

How do I make a claim for backdating?

You can complete the backdating section of the online claim form,  email us asking us to consider your request or send us a letter.

What happens next?

We will look at your claim as soon as we can and we will write or email you if we need more information. Please note we are currently processing claims in 24 days so it is unlikely you will be told about any award earlier than this.
We will send you a letter once we have worked out your award and this will include the amount you have been awarded and how we have worked out the amount.