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Choosing the Right Premises

When starting a food business choosing the right premises is crucial. You will need to consider how your customers will find you, how you will receive your deliveries and whether or not the premises meets your needs. You also need to make sure the premises you choose has the correct planning and building control permissions and that the building will be safe for you and your staff to work in.

You will find more information on choosing the right premises on the pages below.

Premises Permissions

Information on the checks you should make with planning, building control and your insurance company before buying, renting or leasing a commercial premises.

Structural Requirements

Information on the specific structural requirements involved in running a food business, such as cleaning surfaces and washing facilities.

Premises Safety

Information on electrical safety, gas safety and asbestos management for new food businesses.

Mobile Catering Units

Information on the special requirements of running a mobile catering unit.