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Infectious Diseases

Diseases such as food poisoning, meningitis and typhoid have to be notified to us by the doctor.

We investigate cases so that contacts can be traced and steps taken to prevent the disease spreading. Contact us if you would like to know more or need to report a concern.

Food Poisoning

One of the main reasons we conduct food hygiene inspections is to prevent the spread of food poisoning. True food poisoning can be a serious and sometimes a life threatening experience.

The main causes of the spread of food poisoning are poor personal hygiene and unhygienic handling of food.

If you suspect that you, or a relative, have food poisoning you are advised to attend your GP and ask for a faecal specimen to be taken. This is the only way to prove, without doubt, that you are suffering from food poisoning. We do also investigate all cases of food poisoning which are reported to us by local GP’s via Public Health England. If we have sent you a leaflet on food poisoning we want to make sure you know what to do to prevent the illness spreading to you friends and family.

If you work with food you must tell your supervisor/manager that you are suffering from food poisoning symptoms. You must not handle food while the symptoms persist. Equally you should not cook for anyone at home whilst suffering from food poisoning symptoms (vomiting and diarrhoea).

You can help prevent food poisoning in the home by following some basic hygiene rules:

  • Ensure food is cooked thoroughly and piping hot before serving
  • Cool leftovers down quickly and refrigerate as soon as possible
  • Wash hands thoroughly in hot soapy water before handling food and especially after handling raw food
  • Wash equipment and surfaces thoroughly after preparing raw food
  • Keep raw food and ready to eat food separate
  • Keep cuts and grazes covered with a waterproof plaster

Gov.uk can provide more information on the different types of food poisoning, please visit their Infectious Diseases (external link) pages.