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Council Tenants – Tenancy Information

My Tenancy Agreement

Information which outlines your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Plus advice on transferring your tenancy, temporary tenancies, joint tenancies, subletting, succession, going away and losing your tenancy. If you are a relative dealing with a deceased tenants affairs.

Tenants Guide

This guide outlines everything you need to know about living in your home and tells you how to find out more information should you need it.

My Responsibilities As A Tenant

For details of your legal responsibilities as a council tenant.

Making Changes To My Tenancy

Details on passing on your tenancy, adding or removing someone from your tenancy and ending your tenancy.

Types Of Tenancy & Related Rights & Responsibilities

Outlines the four tenancy types offered by the council (secure, non-secure, introductory and flexible fixed term tenancies) and the related rights enjoyed by these tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tenancies

Advice on living in your home e.g. owning pets, taking in lodgers, contents insurance, carrying out improvements and much more.

Local authority tenants have had a statutory Right to Manage since 1994. By
forming a Tenant Management Organisation, and following Right to Manage
Regulations, such tenants can take over responsibility for managing housing
services, such as repairs, caretaking, and rent collection from their landlord.

The key stages in the Right to Manage process are as follows:
• the tenants explore options for managing services, engage residents and
decide that tenant management is the right option for them (although not part
of the statutory Right to Manage process this stage is recommended);
• a vote is held which authorises the Tenant Management Organisation to
serve a Right to Manage proposal notice on the local authority;
• the Tenant Management Organisation and local authority develop proposals
for the services to be managed and budgets to be transferred, drawing on
the authority’s support;
• the competence of the Tenant Management Organisation is assessed by an
independent approved assessor;
• providing the group is deemed competent, affected residents are balloted to
confirm community support, ahead of detailed work by the Tenant
Management Organisation and local authority to finalise arrangements for
• an agreement is prepared and signed transferring management responsibility
to the Tenant Management Organisation.

Link to Right To Mange Guidance

These Regulations compel local authorities to co-operate with a group of its tenants who wish to explore the benefits of a change of landlord. Where a transfer proves to be the favoured and viable option the Regulations compel the local authority to commence the process of transferring ownership of those homes to a private registered provider of social housing.

Link to Guidance on the Right to Transfer.