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Giving Up Your Council Tenancy

How do I end my Tenancy?

Before completing our online form to end your tenancy please ensure you have read the details below:

  • You must give at least four weeks notice in writing ending on a Sunday – this is because tenancies always commence on a Monday.
  • If you hand your keys in without giving written notice you are liable to be charged rent for a notice period of four weeks.
  • You will be visited by your to discuss moving on and who will inspect your property.
  • All keys to the property must be returned to the Housing Department by 12 noon on the Monday – the day following the last day of your tenancy. You must give the Council vacant possession. If all keys are not returned by this time you can be charged additional rent.
  • The property (including the garden and loft area) must be left empty, in good condition and repair. The property will be inspected after you leave. If your misuse or neglect has damaged the property we will charge you the cost of repair or cleaning.
  • You are responsible for removing all your personal items from the property including any carpets and rubbish. We accept no responsibility for any items left behind and will charge you for the cost of removal.
  • If you do not return the keys to the property we will charge you for changing the locks.
  • You will need to ensure that your rent account is up to date.
  • You will need to let the service companies – gas, water, electricity, telephone etc know that you are moving and to give a final meter reading. Otherwise you will continue to be charged for the services after you have left.
  • You must inform the Council Tax department and Housing Benefit services that you are moving.
  • Things to do before Moving.