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Different Types of Tenancy Explained

Tenancies offered by the Council

Here you will find information on the types of  tenancies offered by Councils.

Please note that if you are a new social housing tenant then Wealden District Council you will give you an introductory tenancy.

Following an introductory tenancy you will then get a secure tenancy.

The Council also use: 

Non-Secure Tenancies

Non-secure tenancies are  given by the Council when a homeless household is placed in temporary accommodation owned by the Council by virtue of Homelessness legislation.

Non-Secure tenancies do not have all the rights that secure tenants have including no:

  • Right to Buy, Right to Exchange, Right to Succession, Right to Take in Lodgers or to Sublet.

Tenancies offered by Housing Associations

Here you will find information on the types of tenancies offered by Housing Associations.

Tenancies offered by Private Landlords

Here you will find information on the tenancies offered by private landlords.


License to Occupy

A license to occupy is offered to an occupier of a property by a landlord who does not want the occupier to enjoy the security of tenure offered through varying forms of tenancies. An occupier with a license to occupy may therefore only be given 28 days notice to leave, or less in certain circumstances. the same name created in 1977.

A simple example of what might constitute a licence is a landlord renting out a room in his/her house to a lodger.