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Requesting a Review

Important Information for those requesting
a review regarding:-

1) Their Banding
2) Exclusion from the Housing Register
3) Number of bedrooms needed

It is important that you are aware of the following information if you are:

a) Requesting a banding review
b) You are challenging an exclusion from the Housing Register or
c) Disputing the number of bedrooms the Council thinks you need

Time Limit

There is a time limit of 21 days from the date on your Homemove Welcome letter, during which
you can request a banding review or bedroom numbers review. If your request is received outside
of the 21 days your request cannot be considered, unless there are exceptional reasons why you
were unable to submit a request within the timescale.

Change of Circumstances

If you need to inform the Council of a change of circumstances you can contact the Housing
Options Team direct on 01323 443380, the time limit of 21 days is not relevant. If as a result
of your change in circumstances your banding is changed, you will be informed automatically.
Please note that you do not need to ask for a Banding Review if you have already told us about
the changes to your circumstances.

Review of Bedroom Numbers

Before requesting a review regarding the number of bedrooms your case has been allocated,
please ensure you are aware of the Council’s Housing Allocation Policy’s bedroom entitlement
(5). You will be required to clearly submit the reasons why you require more bedrooms than you
have been designated. You will need to provide supporting evidence where appropriate, such as
a Doctor’s letter or similar.

Review of Banding

To request a review of your banding, you will need to state the reasons why you feel the existing banding is incorrect, having regard to the Housing Allocations Policy. This Policy can be found on the Housing Strategies, Policies and Plans webpage.   You must explain which band reason you believe should apply to your application and the reasons for this.

You will need to provide additional information to support your request for a review. You can appoint someone to assist you with this if necessary such as the Citizens Advice Bureau. However, most applicants find their banding is correct once they have read and understood the Housing Allocations Policy.

Review of Decision to Exclude from the Housing Register

The Council’s Allocations Policy lists the categories of applicants who do not qualify to join the Council’s Housing Register. It is important you look at the categories of applicants who do not qualify to join the Register in order to explain why you do not fall into one of the listed categories. The letter you will have received should explain fully why you are not entitled to join the Register.

Please explain what exceptional circumstances apply to your case providing evidence such as supporting letters where appropriate. Any request for a banding review, bedroom numbers review or review of an exclusion must be made in writing, with supporting evidence, to the Housing Options Team within 21 days of the
date of your Homemove Welcome letter.

Write to: Wealden District Council, Housing Options team, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham
East Sussex BN27 2AX
Or email us at: housingallocations@wealden.gov.uk