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Transferring Home – from one social property to another

How can I move to another property in the Wealden Area?

In order to move you must be registered on our housing register. Anyone applying whether they are an existing tenant transferring or not must complete a housing application.

To apply you must go to: www.sussexhomemove.org.uk/choice/

If you don’t have access to the internet, you could:

  • Visit the local library and use the computers there
  • You may have a friend or family member that can help you apply
  • Citizens Advice may also be able to help you apply
  • Speak to your housing officer and they can make a referral to Brighton Housing Trust who will be able to help you complete the online form.


All housing applications are subject to eligibility and although most transferring households are eligible to join the register, there are some exceptions.

The following households will not qualify to join the register:

  • Homeowners, owners of land or other property within sufficient equity to be able to secure suitable alternative accommodation.
  • Applicants living outside of the UK.
  • Applicants, including transfer applicants, who’s household cost, such as rent, or mortgage repayments are less than 32% of the total household income.
  • Applicants, including transfer applicants, with savings or assets greater than 5% of the lower quartile of a house located in the Wealden area. This figure is currently £21,382 and will be reviewed yearly as property values vary with time due to market forces.
  • Applicants for Retirement Living Courts accommodation, including transfer applicants, with savings or assets in excess of £50,000.
  • Applicants with no local connection to the Wealden District.
  • Applicants whose behaviour means we think they would not be able to satisfactorily manage a tenancy, for example, those with rent arrears or a history of anti-social behaviour.

Does this mean that if any of the above apply to me that I cannot move to another social housing property?

Yes. Social housing is a scarce resource, and it is important that it goes to those most in need. The Housing Allocations Policy is designed to be fair and equitable to everyone that applies for housing.

If you are not eligible to join the register to move, you will need to look at other options such as renting privately to meet your housing need.

Bidding for properties

Once your application is live you need to visit www.sussexhomemove.org.uk/choice/ on a regular basis to see what properties are available. You can only bid (express an interest in a property) on properties suitable for the needs and size of your household. The icons used on the adverts will show you this information.

If you need help the council can bid on your behalf, this is called assisted or automatic bidding. You can either:

Change in circumstances

 You must tell the Housing Allocations Team about any change in financial, medical, or other circumstances such as who will be moving in with you. To do this you will need to complete a change of circumstances form so that your application can be reassessed. To do this:

Log into your Sussex Homemove account and click “Have your circumstances changed?” this will take you to the form.

What happens once I have been successful in finding a new home?

You will normally be expected to give 4 weeks’ notice in line with your tenancy agreement. If you are currently a council tenant please contact the Housing Management Team on 01323 443269 or email housing@wealden.gov.uk

Your Housing Officer will need to visit if it has been some time since you applied and have been offered another property.

Is there any financial assistance available to help me move?

The council runs a Transfer Incentive Scheme (TIS) for council tenants that are under occupiers that are downsizing/ moving to a smaller property. This includes removals through our procured removals company up to a value of £600 as well as a payment for the number of bedrooms that you are giving up. Assistance is subject to eligibility.

In addition, you must complete the TIS application form before a move takes place, otherwise assistance under the scheme cannot be authorised.

Then under “A” go to Application for Transfer Incentive Scheme (you will need to create a My Wealden account if you do not already have one). In this instance you will need to provide your name and address and some details of your current property. Once you have a property to move to, you will need to go back and add in your new property address using the email link contained in your confirmation of application email.