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Wealden Letsure Scheme

The Wealden Letsure scheme is to assist people who are homeless, or threatened with homeless and unable to afford a deposit for a privately rented property.

Who can apply?

You will need to have a current application on Wealden’s Housing Register, be homeless or threatened with homelessness and have a local connection to the District. You will also be unable to afford a deposit for a tenancy that you will have found.

What is Letsure?

Letsure offers a deposit guarantee or a loan to help with the up-front costs of securing a private tenancy.

The Letsure guarantee is a bond between Wealden District Council, the landlord and the tenant. If the application is accepted, Wealden will enter into a bond with the landlord and the tenant, undertaking to guarantee a deposit of up to six weeks rent.

During the period that the guarantee is in effect, the landlord may make a claim on the guarantee to claim any money from the deposit to cover financial loss for rent arrears or damage. If the landlord is paid under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, the money will be recovered from the tenant by Wealden District Council.

The Letsure guarantee is usually available if you are homeless (or threatened with homelessness) but do not have a priority need.

The Letsure loan is a cash loan paid directly to the landlord by the Council as a tenancy deposit. The tenant repays the loan to the Council interest-free, in monthly instalments.  You are responsible for ensuring you receive details of where the deposit is protected under the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme and providing these details to the Council.

The Letsure loan may be available if you are homeless (or threatened with homelessness), in priority need and not intentionally homeless.

Eligibly for the guarantee and the loan will be determined according to the applicant’s circumstances.

How to apply?

  • You will need to complete the direct debit form .
  • Contact your Housing Options Officer at housingoptions@wealden.gov.uk if you have one. If you have not contacted us before email us at housingoptions@wealden.gov.uk or telephone us on 01323 443380 to check you are eligible.
  • Once you have been informed you are eligible, find a landlord or letting agent who is ready to rent a property to you.

You can find potential landlords through the local press such as the Friday Ad.

Other Information

Please also read the sample agreements for the terms and conditions of the scheme:

The application form will usually be processed within 48 hours if you have provided all the information we need, as we realise that most landlords do not want to wait around for an answer when other potential tenants are out there.