Wealden District Council
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Private Housing Assistance

The Council has a key role in helping elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents to adapt, improve and maintain their homes.

Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grants

Disabled Facilities Grant are available for the adaptation of properties to enable a disabled person to continue to live there. Adaptations may include improving access to the property, the WC and bathing facilities and providing in certain circumstances additional accommodation for sleeping and bathing. These grants are subject to a financial assessment except for children’s applications.

Discretionary Assistance for Disabled Occupants

Assistance and loans are available to help disabled occupants move to more suitable accommodation and to top up mandatory disabled facilities grant applications to cover additional works and any assessed financial contribution.

Home Improvement LoanĀ 

Home improvement loans are available for property owners to bring non decent dwellings up to the decent homes standard and/or to undertake energy efficiency improvements.

Emergency Minor Works Assistance

Assistance is available to help low income households with small scale works to resolve emergency situations for example repairs to a heating system or where a hazard exists which affects the health and safety of the occupiers.