Equality Monitoring

What is Equality Monitoring?

The Equality Act 2010 says that we must give due regard to considering how we can eliminate unfair discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, foster good relations between different groups and deliver services that meet the needs of our diverse community in everything that we do.

Monitoring who contacts us and recording their personal circumstances lets us analyse how well we are meeting our commitments to different groups of customers. By analysing the information we gather we are able to identify and consult groups that do not access our services, understand why services are not meeting some groups needs and improve delivery of services by making it possible for all groups of customers to access them.

We will use Personal Information and Equalities monitoring data to:

  • help us consider equality and consultation information when making important decisions and the potential impact of any proposals we make
  • see if there are any ways we can improve services
  • see which people are using our services and which people aren’t
  • check that no groups of people are missing out or being treated less well than others
  • support effective corporate planning

Requests for equality monitoring information may include questions related to the protected characteristics covered by the Equality Duty 2010. The Council also recognises that the following can be significant barriers to equality of opportunity, Caring responsibilities, Language, Residency, Employment status and Geographical area.

There is no legal requirement to collect and use equality information, however, we need this to help us meet our duties under the Equality Act.

Data Protection

We will store and use your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Act sets out rules for processing personal information (known as personal data) and applies to both paper and electronic records. Any personal information you give us is held securely and will be used only for council purposes. Information that was collected for one purpose may be used for another council purpose, unless there are legal restrictions preventing this. Wealden District Council may share this information where necessary with other organisations, including (but not limited to) where it is appropriate to protect public funds and/or prevent fraud in line with the National Fraud Initiative guidelines. Please see Data Protection for further information.

Equality Monitoring Data

The list below shows the equality monitoring information that we have collated for our various service areas (where possible, this has been broken down by protected characteristics):

Please note: we will be adding more equality monitoring information for other service areas shortly.