Car Parking Advice

Make sure you know the rules when parking within Wealden, different criteria will apply in different car parks and in different areas of the same car parks.

Our car parks are monitoring regularly, and these guidelines will help you avoid receiving an Excess Charge Notice (ECN)

Always stick to parking properly within the marked bays. Do not park on pavements or marked out pavements, double yellow lines or the raised curb areas.

Short, Mid or Long Term Parking at Wealden

  • Check for time limits – and keep to them!
  • Our car parks have set time limits, to ensure that spaces are not used all day by the same car and to ensure spaces are available throughout the day.

Special Reserved Parking Bays In Wealden

Blue Badge Disabled Bay advice

Some of our car parks provide disabled bays for Blue Badge holders (most of these bays do have short time limits, so please check).

The Blue Badge  scheme does not provide for statutory concessions in Car Parks, so even if you have a Blue Badge, you must not park on yellow lines in car parks.  Please use the bays provided.

Parent and Child and Motorbike Bays

A few of our car parks in Wealden have parent and child spaces and motorbike bays. Only park in an appropriate bay.

If you’re not a Blue Badge holder, you don’t have young children or you’re not parking a motorbike, make sure you don’t use spaces marked out for these motorists.


Don’t leave shopping or other valuables in your car longer than necessary; they can be a temptation to the opportunist thief and always keep them out of sight; don’t leave anything on display that might attract unwanted attention.