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Community Right To Bid – Assets of Community Value

A building or other land is an asset of community value (ACV) if its main use has recently been or is presently used to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community and could do so in the future.

The Localism Act states that ‘social interests’ include cultural, recreational and sporting interests.

The statutory rules about assets of community value can be found in sections 87 – 103 of the Localism Act 2011 (external link) and in The Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012 (external link).

The following links provide information that you may find useful.

In order for land or a building to be affected by the Community Right to Bid rules, also known as the Assets of Community Value regulations, its main use must further the social well-being or interests of the local community, or have done so in the last five years and be likely to do so in the future. This use may include the provision of public, sport, recreation, culture or community services. Properties which have not had a social use for some years or are derelict are not covered by the Act.

We will only accept requests to include assets on the list from eligible community groups.

Eligible groups must have a local connection to the land or property they wish to nominate, and be one of the following types of organisations:

  • Parish or town council
  • Unincorporated community groups with at least 21 members who are registered to vote within the Wealden district area
  • A neighbourhood forum, set up in accordance with section 61F of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • A charity
  • A community interest company
  • A company limited by guarantee
  • An industrial and provident society

We will not accept nominations from any other bodies.

If you want to nominate an asset of community value you will be required to complete a nomination form. You can request a form known as the nomination form by emailing planning@wealden.gov.uk

The form has three main sections covering your organisation, the asset you wish to nominate and why you believe the asset is of community value. Please read the guidance notes we provide you to enable you to complete the form.

We will use the information you provide on the nomination form, to assess whether your nomination meets the requirements of the legislation for designating an asset of community value.

When we receive a nomination we will consider and check its eligibility. We aim to assess nominations within eight weeks of receipt. We will inform the nominating group of the outcome.

If  the asset does have community value we will add it to our list of assets of community value. Assets will remain on the list for five years and a land charge will be registered against the property.

We will advise the nominating group that the asset has been listed and the date in five years time when it will be removed, when the five years have expired eligible groups can submit a new nomination.

If we decide to list a property the owner can ask for a review and there will be a process for an appeal to an independent body. We will provide further details in a letter to the property owner.

If a nomination is ineligible we will write to the nominating group with an explanation as to why it was unsuccessful. In such circumstances the property will be added to our list of assets nominated unsuccessfully and will remain on the list for five years.

Nominees cannot appeal the decision made in respect of the asset.

If an owner of a listed asset wants to sell they will be required to notify us. We will inform the nominator and publicise this on our website.

If an eligible group wants to make a bid they must inform us within six weeks of us telling them that the property is available to purchase. Not all groups are eligible to place a bid.

Unincorporated groups cannot bid as they unable to legally own property.

Eligible groups will then have six months to put together the bid which is not from when you inform us but six months from when the owner advises us of their intention to sell which is known as the moratorium period.

If there is more than one community group interested in purchasing the property we will encourage the groups to work together.

At any point before the end of the six months the eligible group or groups may enter into negotiations with the property owner providing the owner is willing to do this. We ask that we are kept informed of developments.

At the end of the moratorium period if a group has successfully put a bid together the owner will have the option to either accept the bid or sell the property freely on the open market.

In certain situations property sales are exempt from the Community Right to Bid legislation. View the full list of Exempt Disposals. This includes disposals in the form of a gift, disposals within a family or between trustees or companies in a group and disposals in the execution of a will.

If the Council decides that your property should be added to the list of assets of community value and you are dissatisfied with this decision you have the right to request the Council to carry out an internal review of its decision.

Review requests must be received on our prescribed form. To request a form email planning@wealden.gov.uk 

This listing review procedure follows the requirements set out in Schedule 2 of the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations (2012).

In accordance with Regulation 2 (c), Wealden District Council will remove an entry from the list if it is the subject of a successful appeal against listing, or the authority for any reason no longer considers the land to be land of community value.

Any removal of land listed on the Council’s Assets of Community Value (ACV) list will be notified to all parties identified in Regulation 9 and s.91 Localism Act 2011 (‘LA 2011’), generally those originally notified of the nomination and listing.

Who can request the review of an Asset of Community Value listing?

An owner of listed land is the only person specified in the Regulations who can request a listing review. However, the owner may appoint a representative to act on his/her behalf for the review. This representative may be, but does not have to be, legally qualified.

The Council will provide all relevant documents to the representative, but does not have to provide them separately to the owner.

How to request a review of an Asset of Community Value listing

In line with Schedule 2 of the Regulations, a review may be requested by an owner of the listed land in writing within 8 weeks of notice being given, or completion of reasonable steps being taken to give notice, of Wealden District Council’s decision to list land nominated as an asset of community value.

To request a listing review, an owner of the listed land must complete and submit the ACV review request form. The land relating to the review will remain listed while the review takes place.

Who will undertake the review?

A senior officer of the Council who is independent of the ACV decision making process will conduct the review.

Will there be a face to face discussion about the review?

The owner may request an oral hearing. In the event no written request for an oral hearing is received from the owner, then the review will proceed on the basis of written submissions. The reviewing officer may nevertheless decide to hold an oral hearing if they think it will assist in making the decision.

Both the owner and the owner’s representation may make representations to the reviewer orally and / or in writing.

How long will it take for a decision on the review to be reached?

A review decision will be reached by Wealden District Council within 8 weeks of the receipt of the written request for review, unless a longer period is agreed with the owner in writing.

The outcome will be communicated to the land owner or their representative as soon as possible once the decision has been reached.

Notification of decision
The outcome of the review will be sent in writing (usually by email) to the owner or their representative once a final decision has been reached.

Where the outcome of the review results in a change to the listing status of the land reviewed, the Council will also notify those specified in s.91 of the LA 2011.

Can I appeal against the listing review decision?

Yes. In accordance with Regulation 11, if an owner is unhappy with the outcome of the review, they may appeal to the First Tier Tribunal against the local authority’s decision.

Details of how to contact the First Tier Tribunal will be provided as part of notification of the Council’s decision on the listing review.


Telephone: 01892 602509

Wealden District Council
Community Right to Bid
Council Offices
Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, BN27 2AX

Ref Asset Name of Land Nominated Description Location Plan or Map of Nominated Asset Available Decision and Listing Date Date Listing Expires Date Notification of Intent to Dispose Potential Bidder Full Moratorium Triggered Full Moratorium End Date Protected Period
23007 Brecknock Arms Public House TN3 9BJ Y Accepted – 15 August 2023 14 August 2028
23005 Carillon Cottage Building TN5 6AA Y Accepted – 13 June 2023 12 June 2028
23004 Land at the Horsefield, East Dean Village Hall Village Hall Y Accepted – 26 July 2023 25 April 2028
23001 The Pavilion Community Buildings TN5 6TW Y Accepted – 3 April 2023 2 April 2028
22009 The Rose Cottage Inn, Alciston Public House BN26 6UW Y Accepted – 11 October 2022 10 October 2027
22008 The Blacksmiths Arms, Lewes Road, Halland Public House BN8 6PN Y Accepted – 27 September 2022 26 September 2027
22007 The Kings Head, 1/3 High Street, East Hoathly Public House BN8 6DR Y Accepted – 27 September 2022 26 September 2027
22006 Foresters Arms, The Street, Fairwarp Public House TN22 3BP Y Accepted – 27 May 2022 26 May 2027
22005 Cross In Hand Inn Public House TN21 0SN Y Accepted – 27 May 2022 26 May 2027
22004 St Georges Hall Community Building TN5 6TB Y Accepted – 27 May 2022 26 May 2027
22003 East Hoathly Medical Centre Community Building BN8 6AE Y Accepted – 13 May 2022 12 May 2027
22001 Ninfield Working Mens Club, Bexhill Road, Ninfield Club TN33 9EE Y Accepted – 4 April 2022 03 April 2027
21011 Five Ashes Inn, Five Ashes, Mayfield Public House TN20 6HY Y Accepted – 17 December 2021 16 December 2026
21010 The May Garland Public House, Horam Public House TN21 0LJ Y Accepted – 17 December 2021 16 December 2026
21009 Land at Selby Road – behind Oakley Court, Uckfield Open Space TN22 5EB Y Accepted – 17 September 2021 16 September 2026
21008 The Giants Rest, Wimington Public House BN26 5SQ Y Accepted – 20 August 2021 19 August 2026 17 September 2021 N N N/A 16 March 2023
21007 The Lamb inn, Wartling Public House BN27 1RY Y 23 July 2021 22 July 2026
21006 The Dene, Uckfield Open Space TN22 1LA Y Accepted – 16 July 2021 15 July 2026 20 June 2022 Y N 20 December 2022 20 December 2023
21005 Hailsham East Community Centre Community Building BN27 2JZ Y Accepted – 16 July 2021 15 July 2026
21004 East Hoathly with Halland Garden Plots Allotments BN6 6EL Y Accepted – 30 June 2021 29 June 2026
21003 The Merrie Harriers, Cowbeech Public House BN27 4JQ Y Accepted – 20 May 2021 19 May 2026
21002 Mayfield Cricket Ground, Mayfield Sport and Recreation TN20 6EA Y Accepted 14 May 2021 13 May 2026
20011 The White Hart Public House, High Street, Wadhurst Public House TN5 6AP Y Accepted – 25 February 2021 24 February 2026
20010 The Greyhound Public House, St James Square, Wadhurst Public House TN5 6AP Y Accepted – 25 February 2021 24 February 2026
20009 The Old Vine, Cousley Wood, Wadhurst Public House TN5 6ER Y Accepted – 25 February 2021 24 February 2026
20007 The Roebuck Inn, Laughton Public House TN3 9RB Y Accepted – 3 February 2021 2 February 2026
20002 The Junction Inn, Station Road, Groombridge Public House TN3 9RB Y Accepted – 8 April 2020 7 April 2025
19007 Former Household Waste Recycling Site, Station Road, Forest Row Former Household Waste Recycling Site RH8 5DW Y Accepted – 8 November 2019 7 November 2024 17 September 2020 Y Y 17 March 2021 17 March 2022
19004 Car Park, Gilberts Drive Car Park BN20 0DJ Y Accepted – 10 May 2019 9 May 2024
19003 The Red Lion Public House, Hooe Public House TN33 9EW Y Accepted – 30 April 2019 29 April 2024
19002 Groombridge Recreation Ground, incl Cricket Ground & Groombridge Guide Hut, Station Road, Groombridge Sport and Recreation Y Accepted – 23 March 2019 26 March 2024
18011 Oakleaf Play Area, Oakleaf Drive, Polegate Sport and Recreation BN26 6PT Y Accepted – 28 January 2019 27 January 2024
18010 Gosford Way Allotments, Polegate Allotments BN26 6AL Y Accepted – 28 January 2019 27 January 2024
18008 The Community Centre, 54 Windsor Way, Polegate BN26 6QF Community Building BN26 6QF Y Accepted – 28 January 2019 27 January 2024
18007 Union Corner Allotments, Hellingly Allotments Y Accepted – 16 January 2019 15 January 2024
Ref Asset Name of Land Nominated Description Location Plan or Map of Nominated Asset Available Date of Inclusion on List Date of Removal from List
23003 St Peter and St Paul Church Place of Worship TN5 6AA Y 11 April 2023 10 April 2028
23002 Sandy Cross Farm Field TN21 8HP Y 31 March 2023 30 March 2028
22010 Land at Marklye Lane Field TN21 8QA Y 9 January 2023 8 January 2028
22002 Halland Chapel Place of Worship BN8 6PL Y 13 May 2022 12 May 2027
21001 The Black Duck, Warbleton Public House TN21 9BD Y 14 May 2021 13 May 2026
20008 Wadhurst Household Waste Recycling Site, Faircrouch Lane, Wadhurst Former Household Waste Recycling Site TN5 6PT Y 26 February 2021 25 February 2026
20006 The Glebe Field, Land adjacent to Frant Primary School, Church Lane, Frant Field TN3 9DX Y 13 January 2021 12 January 2026
20005 Catts Inn, High Street, Rotherfield Public House TN6 3LH Y 7 January 2021 6 January 2026
20004 Mark Cross Inn, Mark Cross Public House TN6 3NP Y 6 January 2021 5 January 2026
20003 The Roebuck Inn, Laughton Public Space BN8 6BG Y Not Applicable Not Applicable
20001 The Dorset Arms, Buckhurst Park, Withyham Public House, Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast TN7 4BD Y 8 April 2020 7 April 2025
19006 Fletching Stores, Fletching, Uckfield Village Shop and Cafe TN22 3SS N 29 July 2019 28 July 2024
19005 Horseshoe Inn, Windmill Hill, Herstmonceux Public House BN27 4RU n 6 January 2020 5 January 2025
19001 Firstfields Resource Centre and South East Coast Ambulance Station, 42 London Road, Hailsham Community Building BN27 3BU Y 15 March 2019 14 March 2024
18009 Dinkum Public House, High Street, Polegate Public House BN26 6AG Y 28 January 2019 27 January 2024
18003 Wilderness Wood, Main Road, Hadlow Down Amenity Woodland N 24 April 2018 24 April 2023
17015 Foresters Arms, 6 South Street, East Hoathly, BN8 6DS Public House BN8 6DS N 20 November 2017 19 November 2022

Date of Notice: 21 June 2022

ACV Reference: 16006

Location: The Dene (open space), Browns Lane, Manor Park, Uckfield, East Sussex

Wealden District Council hereby gives notice that notification was received on 20 June 2022 in accordance with section 95(2) of the Localism Act 2011 that the owner of the above land which is included in the Council’s List of Assets of Community Value wishes to enter into a relevant disposal of the land.

The interim moratorium period of 6 weeks ends on 3 August 2022. If a community interest group indicates to the Council in writing that it wishes to be treated as a potential bidder, the full moratorium period will extend until 20 December 2022, and the protected period will end on 20 December 2023.

Any community interest group wishing to be treated as a potential bidder for the above named asset should express their interest by email to the Council at planning@wealden.gov.uk or in writing to Wealden District Council Offices, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham BN27 2AX.