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Changes to Rubbish and Recycling Collection Days

As of 15th April changes were made to the Rubbish and Recycling Collections. Please check our Bin Day Search for your current collection day.

Garden waste collection days will not be changing.

Why are the rubbish and recycling collections changing?

Following a review of the rubbish and recycling collections in Wealden, changes to some collection rounds have been made to further improve the performance and efficiency of the service.

What does this mean?

This means that from Monday 15th April the current collection schedule for rubbish and recycling has changed for some properties.

Please note: not all rubbish and recycling collections have changed.

Please continue to put your bin out by 7am on your collection day as the time bins are emptied is likely to change, even if the collection day remains the same.

What happens next?

Letters (including a collection calendar) have been sent out to those properties affected by the change.  However, where Biffa have identified further minor changes, we may need to send further information to any properties affected.


Last updated 29th April 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no changes to the garden waste collection – these collection days will remain the same.

Whilst garden waste collections may previously have taken place on the same day as either your rubbish or recycling collection, this was just a coincidence. Therefore, please do not consider that this will be the case following the round changes.

If you are not sure of your garden waste collection, please use the bin day search to check when the next collection is scheduled .

If you receive a letter and calendar this will mean that there is a change to your collections.  This may be a change in the day of collection; a change in the collection pattern, or both.  This information will be detailed in the letter.  Please check both the letter and calendar carefully.

You have received the letter because there has been a change in the pattern of your collections so please check this carefully for information on what bin should be put out on your next collection

We are aware that there may be additional days between your last collection before the changes and your next rubbish  collection. If this is the case, you can present a small amount of side waste on your next collection scheduled collection as detailed in the letter sent to you.

You can present any extra recycling in white or clear bags on any of your recycling collections (except for glass which should only be placed in the recycling bin). Please ensure any cardboard left at side of the bin is folded/cut down to a size which will fit into the bin.  Any recycling placed in black bags will not be collected.

If you will be going 21 days or more between your last rubbish/recycling collection day and the next one, an interim collection will take place.  This has been detailed on the letter sent to you. 

If the interim collection is due to take place the same day as your new scheduled collection, please note there will be two separate vehicles collecting at different times on this day.

Collections times may change so we would ask that all residents ensure their bins are out at the boundary of their property or at a previously agreed presentation point by 7am on the day of collection.

Bins should be presented at the boundary of your property by 7am on the day of collection unless an assisted collection has been agreed.

Due to the restructuring of some of the rounds this may mean there will be a different crew collecting your bins.

Your assisted collection will remain in place and your bins will continue to be collected from the agreed location on your collection day.   However, if you do have any problems with your collection please contact recycling@wealden.gov.uk

To help manage the changes to the collection rounds our contractor will be bringing in, on a temporary basis some additional hire vehicles and staff to help support the existing collection crews, whilst they get used to the changes to the collection rounds. These hire vehicles may not be the same colour as the current vehicles used, but there is no need to worry as they are being used for the domestic collections.

You have received a letter, as although your collection day has not changed, there is a change in the pattern of materials collected from your property meaning you will get two collections in a row of either rubbish or recycling.    An interim collection the other bin (rubbish or recycling) has been arranged and this information can be found on your letter or on our bin day search.