Members’ Allowances

This page provides details of the Members Allowances Scheme, which came into effect from 1 April 2019.

The amount councillors can claim is reviewed every year by the Independent Members Allowances Panel. Copies of the Panel’s report and full scheme are available for inspection by the public on the Council’s website.

Basic Allowance

A basic allowance be paid to each of the 55 councillors at £4,611.00 per annum.

Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA)

Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) of the amounts indicated be paid per annum to the following office holders:

  • Cabinet Member – £5,577
  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chairman – £3,774
  • Audit and Finance Committee Chairman – £3,774
  • Licensing Committee Chairman – £1,371
  • Planning Committee Chairman – £4,251
  • Deputy Planning Committee Chairman – £1,404
  • Chairman of the Council – £4,782
  • Vice-Chairman of the Council – £1,182
  • Leader of the Council – £13,488
  • Minority Group Leader(s) (where group is 5 or more members) – £1,071 plus £177 per member
  • Major Opposition Group Leader (with less than five members where no other SRA is paid to a minority group leader) – £381
  • Standards Committee Chairman – £1,371
  • Independent Persons on Standards Committee – £825
  • Personnel Committee Chairman £2,817

No councillor shall be entitled to more than one SRA payment. Where a councillor holds more than one office, then the higher of the SRA shall apply. In the event of the Council deciding to appoint a Member of the Cabinet as Deputy Leader, that officeholder shall receive just the same as all the other Cabinet Members.

A further £1,000 is paid to the Chairman of the Council and £300 to the Vice-Chairman of the Council to cover the cost of clothing, donations, tipping, etc. These amounts are provided separately under Section 3 of the Local Government Act 1972.

Child Carer’s Allowance

Child Carer’s Allowance of up to £8.25 per hour and elderly dependant/dependants with disabilities Carer’s Allowance of up to £12 per hour (i.e. actual expenditure incurred up to a maximum of £8.25 or £12 per hour to be paid for child care and elderly dependant/dependants with disability care respectively) shall be available, subject to the following conditions:

  • Carers must be pre-nominated (except in emergency) with the Council’s Proper Officer (Democratic Services Manager);
  • payments to be limited in their application to formal meetings of the Council; and
  • there must be evidence of payment.

Travelling Allowance

Whatever the current Inland Revenue Approved Mileage Allowance Payments to apply. As from 6th April, 2011 the following rules have applied:

  • Car or Van – 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p per mile thereafter
  • Motor Cycle – 24p per mile (all miles)
  • Cycle (and other non-motored forms of transport) – 20p per mile (all miles)

Subsistence Allowance

  • Breakfast – up to £6.50
  • Lunch – up to £8.50
  • Tea – up to £4.50
  • Evening Meal – up to £10.50

All claims must be accompanied by a valid receipt and payment is subject to councillors signing to say they have actually and necessarily incurred the amount being claimed. Previous stipulations relating to period away from home, timing/length of meeting, etc have been deleted.

Co-optees Allowances

Co-optees allowance – payment of expenses and carers’ allowances to apply.

Pensionable Allowances

Pensionable Allowances – none.

Time Limit

There is a six month time limit from the date on which an entitlement to each of the following allowances arises, during which a claim for such allowances must be made by the person to whom they are payable:

  • Carers’ allowances;
  • Travelling and subsistence allowance; and
  • Co-optees allowances.