Wealden District Council
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Paying Council Tax or Non-domestic Rates

When to Pay

  • For a full financial year by 10 monthly instalments due by 15th day of each month from April to January inclusive.
  • For a full financial year by 12 monthly instalments by 15th day of each month from April to March inclusive. You will have to make your request in writing to the Council in order to do this.
  • Bills issued after 1st April will have their monthly instalments calculated by the number of months left in the financial year less one.
  • By a single payment by the 15th April.
  • Twice yearly with a sum equal to five monthly instalments by the 15th April with the balance by 15th September.

Methods of payment

There are a number of different methods of payment available for you to choose from.  We would prefer you to use one of the electronic methods.

How Do I Pay Electronically?

You can pay your Council Tax or Non-domestic (Business) Rates by debit or credit card online using our online payment system:

Can I set up a direct debit?

Yes, by using our Direct Debit Form 

Problems Paying?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or problems in paying and would like advice or assistance, please contact the Council tax & business rates team.

Your problems or difficulties can be discussed and it may be possible to make a suitable alternative arrangement for settlement.