The Pollution department is part of the shared Environmental Health service operated by Rother and Wealden District Councils.

We deal with pollution issues that can adversely affect people, their wellbeing and the environment in which they live.

Supporting neighbourhoods

Every year we receive high numbers of complaints relating to neighbourhood problems . These can include:

  • Noise
  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Commercial odour
  • Artificial light
  • Accumulations of waste
  • Private drainage
  • Wildlife, such as gulls and pigeons

Our experience shows that many of these can be resolved by people discussing problems with their neighbours to seek an amicable solution and you will find information on how to do this in this section.

Certain pollution issues are dealt with by the Environment Agency, so if you are unable to find what are looking for on our pages, please visit the Environment Agency (external link)

Protecting and improving the environment

We also work to protect and improve the environment, such as monitoring air quality or private water supplies. This work includes:

  • Monitoring air quality and limiting potentially harmful emissions from certain processes
  • Monitoring background radiation levels
  • Providing advice on land that may be contaminated
  • Monitoring and assessing private water supplies for chemical and microbiological quality
  • Working with colleagues in the Planning Department to eliminate or minimise adverse environmental impacts or pollution on new developments or those close to new developments.