Wealden District Council
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Air quality

The Council monitors the air quality in our district to ensure that it meets or exceeds DEFRA Air Quality Objectives

We also protect local air quality by acting as a consultee on planning applications and overseeing environmental permitting to control pollution from certain industrial processes

We are a member of the Sussex Air Quality Partnership which promotes improvements in air quality across Sussex.

As a member of Sussex Air we support their Air Alert Service which sends free messages to users informing that poor air quality is predicted in their area of Sussex.

Monitoring air quality

All local authorities have a duty to review and assess air quality in their districts in order to establish if Air Quality Objectives are being, or are likely to be, exceeded. Read our reports here.

Open fires and wood-burning stoves

The use of open fires and wood-burning stoves has risen in popularity over recent years. Learn more about their impact on Air Quality here.

Forecast alerts

The Environmental Research Group (ERG) at King’s College, London, collects all real time air quality measured by the automatic monitoring stations.

This data is analysed and compared with other monitoring results from across East and West Sussex and together with meteorological data, is used to forecast pollution episodes. This information also feeds into a regional annual report of the Sussex Air Quality Monitoring Network that covers the whole of East and West Sussex.

If you have a concern or enquiry about air quality please contact us through the reporting form. Please note, anonymous complaints cannot be processed.

Report air quality