Monitoring air quality

All local authorities have a duty to review and assess air quality in their districts in order to establish if Air Quality Objectives are being, or are likely to be, exceeded.

Details of the Air Quality Objectives are available from the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

DEFRA also provide us with the guidance to carry out our duties and requires us to produce and publish an Air Quality Report that provides an overview of air quality in the district.

In our district, we are concerned with the two main pollutants resulting largely from vehicle emissions. These are nitrogen dioxide (NO2 ) and particulate matter (PM10).

We currently monitor NO2 on a monthly basis at 8 sites across the district, using passive diffusion tubes. An automatic monitor is also located at Isfield, measuring levels of ozone. Details of these monitoring locations can be found in the Air Quality Reports.

As a member of Sussex Air, we support their Air Alert service, which sends free messages to users informing that poor air quality is predicted in their area of Sussex.

Air Quality Reports

Further information about air quality in Wealden can be found in our two most recent Air Quality Reports:

To see how we compare to the rest of Sussex visit the Sussex Air Website where air quality reports for each local authority can be found.