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Housing Fire Safety

Fire Safety is a key priority

The recent tragic events have naturally heightened everyone’s concerns around fire safety but we would seek to reassure our tenants that fire safety has always been and will continue to be a top priority for us.

We would like to reassure our tenants, their families, carers and our support providers that we have not fitted external cladding to any of our properties and do not manage high rise developments.

All our blocks and Retirement Living Courts have up to date fire risk assessments which confirm we have appropriate fire precautions in place. We have an on going programme of improvements works to ensure fire doors remain in good working order, compartmentalisation has not been breached and replacement doors and alterations to existing doors meet requirements. Should you wish to view the fire risk assessment for your building please contact the housing repair team in respect of blocks of flats or the court manager if you are in a retirement living court.

If you live in a flat our advice is to ‘stay put’ until you receive advice from the emergency services to do differently. If smoke, heat or flames enter your home and only if it is safe to do so, leave straight away. This guidance is in line with that given by the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

We ask all of our tenants to:

  • Check your smoke detector is working. You are strongly advised to carry out regular tests of the smoke alarm for your own safety. You are responsible for making sure that your smoke alarm is in constant working order. You must inform us if the smoke alarm is not in constant working order.
  • Talk to members of your household about what to do in the event of a fire and practice using your escape route.
  • Do not leave items in the communal hallways – bikes, pushchairs, shoes, plants etc. Whilst we understand that this may be for a good reason, they do create a hazard. Should there be a fire, the corridors could fill with smoke, reducing visibility. In these circumstances, people can trip over items left in the hallways, and it can severely restrict the time taken to evacuate a building, or hinder access for fire-fighters.

We regularly check communal areas to make sure they are clear of any stored items which could cause fire to spread or cause obstruction. You will be asked to remove any items found. Any items not removed may be removed by the Council.

If you have any further concerns regarding fire safety please do not hesitate to contact us on 01323 443322 or for further advice visit the East Sussex Fire Rescue Service home safety visits web page  

Do you know the different sounds of your carbon monoxide alarm and your smoke alarm?

Listen to this video Heat vs CO Sounds (external link) so you know what action you need to take when an alarm sounds.