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Reporting a Repair

How do I report a repair and what information is needed?

Listed below are the ways you can report a repair to your property or communal areas.

If you live in Retirement Living housing you should report all repairs directly to your Retirement Living Manager in the first instance so that they are aware of the repair and chase on your behalf if needed.

When you report a repair please have the following information ready so we can deal with your request quickly and efficiently:

  • your name
  • your address
  • contact telephone number – please have your landline and/or mobile number ready for us to record
  • details of the repair
  • details of when someone is available at home so the repair can be carried out or an appointment made

Ways to report a repair:

  1. Complete the online form here
  2. By telephone: Call the Housing Repairs Team on 01323 443375, this is a 24 hour phone line.

What happens when I report a repair?

We now have a slightly different but much improved way for you to report your repair requests. It is now possible for you to make direct contact with each of the Contractors to discuss and report your repair request. We have however retained the same telephone number but introduced a pre-recorded message that provides simple instructions to redirect you to the appropriate contractor or to speak to one of the Property Services team. This service should also be used for any out of hour’s emergency calls.

The following are key points to remember:

  • Tenants in general needs housing properties should still report all repairs in the normal way using our dedicated repairs phone line 01323 443375

You will be given 4 options to choose from

  1. Option 1 (Booker and Best): All repairs, except gas heating and electrical.
  2. Option 2 (BSW): Gas heating and hot water repairs, except in retirement living courts
  3. Option 3 (Chris Bartholomew’s): Electrical repairs including electric heating (including air source heat pumps).
  4. Option 4 for any other query

Please bear in mind the line may go silent while the call is being transferred.

  • Tenants in Retirement Living housing schemes should still report their repairs to their respective Retirement Living Manager.

For emergency works:

  • Contractors will come out as soon as possible so that the problem can be dealt with quickly therefore, appointments are not made.
  • We will need to know how you can provide access to your home.

For other works:

  • Our contractors will write or telephone you to arrange a convenient appointment.
  • If you cannot keep to the arranged appointment please let the contractor know as soon as possible so the appointment can be re-arranged.
  • If you are out when the contractor calls a card will be left at your home advising you that they have tried to gain access and giving you the number to call to re-arrange the appointment.
  • If you fail to keep a pre-arranged appointment with a contractor you can be charged for the contractor’s abortive call.

Before the Contractor arrives:

If you are able to, clear the work area as much as possible this will help the contractor and will prevent any accidental damage to your belongings.

All our contractors carry identification – please always check it before letting anyone into your home. If you are unsure whether the person is a genuine contractor do not let them in – call us to check.

Quality Monitoring of Repairs Service

We are keen to ensure that we provide our tenants with an excellent service and require all of our Contractors to regularly monitor their performance by carrying out a variety of quality checks.

In addition our Customer Services team will email, text and telephone a number of tenants to discuss Contractor’s performance. 

  • Dealing with dissatisfaction / complaints – In the first instance we ask our tenants to make representation to the Contractor. Should the matter not be satisfactorily resolved the representation can be made to the Customer Services team on 01323 443279.