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Tenant Involvement

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What is Tenant Involvement?

Tenant involvement is about tenants taking part in the decision making process and influencing choices which affect the services, homes and communities in which they live. It is an evolving two way process of communication between tenants and their landlord.

We recognise that tenant involvement can lead to real, positive outcomes for residents, communities and us as a landlord, by:

  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency of services, giving better value for money
  • Increased tenant/leaseholder satisfaction
  • Increased sense of being part of a community and working together to improve and support local areas
  • Giving tenants and Retirement Living leaseholders a better quality of life
  • Enhanced ability for tenants and Retirement Living leaseholders to influence decisions
  • Improved relations between landlord and tenant leading to mutual respect and trust

Tenant Involvement Strategy 2021 – 2026

The purpose of this strategy is to reinforce our commitment to Tenant Involvement to ensure that tenants and Retirement Living leaseholders can influence the housing services delivered to them. This commitment will be delivered through our four strategic priorities:

Involvement – ensuring as many tenants and Retirement Living leaseholders who want to be involved, can engage in a way that suits them.

Engagement opportunities – offering a wide range of opportunities for tenants and Retirement Living leaseholders to participate. 

Transparency –we will be open and honest with tenants and Retirement Living leaseholders in our communications.

Valuing tenants and Retirement Living leaseholder’s contribution – we will show that we value their contribution through our Tenant Involvement Recognition Scheme 2022 and by reimbursing costs involved in their involvement and by acknowledging their valued participation.

Find out more about the Tenant Involvement Strategy 2021-2026 

Our Tenant Involvement Brochure

We have developed a range of opportunities for you to get involved in shaping the work we do and the services we deliver.

We offer options to suit everyone, from responding to online surveys, being part of a focus group, joining or forming a community group to being a member of a Scrutiny panel.

You can make a difference by working with us to help us provide a better service to you, our tenants and residents, in a way that fits in with your life style and time you have to spare.

Our Tenant Involvement Options Brochure gives details of all the opportunities available or you can contact the Tenant Participation Team for more information.

You can also find out more about the following:

The Charter for Social Housing Residents – Social Housing White Paper   which aims to reform the relationship between residents and social landlords to protect tenants.

Customer feedback – how we use the feedback that you provide to us, both good and bad.

Scrutiny – the work that we have done with our Scrutiny Panel.

Performance – see how we are doing.

Regulation of Social Housing Landlords – find out more about how we are regulated.