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Premises And Club Application And Annual Fees


  • Premises and Club application and annual fees; each premises that is licensable will be allocated to a fee band according to rateable value.
Application Fees
 Rateable Value  Band
 No rateable value up to £4,300  A
 £4,301 to £33,000  B
 £33,001 to £87,000  C
 £87,001 to £125,000  D
 £125,001 and above  E
  • Each band attracts a different level of fee; payable on initial application and an annual fee payable one year after the grant of the licence.
Initial Fees and Annual Fees
 Band  Initial Fee  Annual Fee
 A  £100  £70
 B  £190  £180
 C  £315  £295
 D  £450  £320
 E  £635  £350
  • A multiplier applied to premises in Bands D and E where they are exclusively or primarily in the business of selling alcohol (mainly large town and city centre pubs).
Licensing Fees for Bands D and E
 Band  D x2  E x3
 City/town centre pub application fee  £900  £1,905
 City/town centre pub annual charge  £640  £1,050

Exceptionally large events

  • The Licensing Authorities will also be able to charge an additional premises fee for exceptionally large events.
Large Licensing Events
 Number in attendance at any one time Additional application fee  Additional annual fee
 5,000 to 9,999  £1,000  £500
 10,000 to 14,999  £2,000  £1,000
 15,000 to 19,999  £4,000  £2,000
 20,000 to 29,999  £8,000  £4,000
 30,000 to 39,999  £16,000  £8,000
 40,000 to 49,999  £24,000  £12,000
 50,000 to 59,999  £32,000  £16,000
 60,000 to 69,999  £40,000  £20,000
 70,000 to 79,999  £48,000  £24,000
 80,000 to 89,999  £56,000  £28,000
 90,000 and over  £64,000  £32,000

 Personal Licences, Temporary Events and Other Fees

  • The Licensing Authorities will also be able to charge other fees in relation to their duties, most notably for temporary events and personal licences.
Personal Licences, Temporary Events and Other Fees
Description of Charge  Fee
 Application for a grant or renewal of personal licence  £37.00
 Temporary Event Notice  £21.00
 Theft, loss etc. of premises licence or summary  £10.50
 Application for a provisional statement where premises being built, etc  £195.00
 Notification of change of name or address  £10.50
 Application to vary licence to specify individual as premises supervisor  £23.00
 Application for transfer of premises licence  £23.00
 Interim Authority notice following death of licence holder  £23.00
 Theft, loss etc. of certificate or summary  £10.50
 Notification of change of name or alteration of rules of club  £10.50
 Change of relevant registered address of club  £10.50
 Theft, loss etc. of temporary event notice  £10.50
 Theft, loss etc of personal licence  £10.50
 Duty to notify change of name or address  £10.50
 Right of freeholder etc. to be notified of licensing matters  £21.00