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Residential Mobile Homes

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 was enacted on 26 May 2013.

This legislation affects the management and operation of Mobile Home Sites along with The Caravan and Control of Development Act 1960, Caravan Sites Act 1968 and Mobile Homes Act 1983.
Sections 1 to 7 came into effect on 1 April 2014:

  • Section 1 gives local authorities the ability to introduce fees (on application and an annual fee).
  • Section 2 gives local authorities discretion whether to issue and/or transfer site licences.
  • Section 3 appeals to site licence conditions will go to the Residential Property Tribunal instead of going to the Magistrates Court.
  • Section 4 gives local authorities the ability to serve a compliance notice where there are one or more breaches of site licence conditions.
  • Section 5 gives local authorities the ability to carry out works where the licence holder has failed to do so, this includes the recovery of costs.
  • Sections 6 and 7 amended details in relation to appeals, operative periods, recovery of expenses and the residential tribunal.

Section 8 places a requirement on the licence holder to be a “fit and proper person”
Sections 9 to 12 came into effect as of 26 May 2013:

  • Section 9 – makes site rules express terms of agreement.
  • Section 10 – removes the requirement for the site owner to consent to the sale or gift of a mobile home.
  • Section 11 – changes the way in which a site owner can change pitch fees.
  • Section 12 – amends the protection occupiers have against eviction and harassment.

Mobile Homes Fees

Fees for mobile homes are shown in the table below.

The Council believes that fit and proper person assessment and/or checks to be included on the register will take from 120 to 150 minutes per application, including updating and publishing the register. On this basis the initial application fee is set at £70.

To cover the additional cost of monitoring the fit and proper person scheme, an additional annual fee for registration will be set at £0.50 per unit, to a maximum of £50, in accordance with Government guidance. No fee will be charged for smaller sites. The annual fee therefore to be charged from 1 April 2022:

Relevant Protected SitesBand A
(2-5 Units)
Band B
(6-24 Units)
Band C
(25-99 Units)
Band D
(100+ Units)
Band E
(Single unit and family sites)
Mobile Homes Act 2013 Fees
New Application for Site Licence £175 £300£330 £350£175
Transfer of Site Licence£60£115£115£115£60
Amendment of Site Licence£60£115£115£115£60
Annual FeeNo Fee£185 plus £0.50 per unit for
registration of fit and
proper person
£215 plus £0.50 per unit for
registration of fit and
proper person
£235No Fee
Depositing of Park Rules with Local Authority£40£75£75£75 £40

For new applications only, applicants may pay 5% less when making an application. If you do, you would then be invoiced for this amount plus £20 for the additional administration cost, when the licence has been issued.

You can pay your fee by telephoning us on 01424 787550.

A residential site cannot have park rules if they have not deposited the rules first with the local authority. If they are not shown on the above document then no rules have been deposited.

Our residential park site rules are temporarily unavailable online. Please contact foodhs@rother.gov.uk for a copy.

For information regarding residential parks only please call 01424 787550. For all other queries relating to caravans and camping please use the contact details below.


Conditions will be attached to your licence and we have produced the Standard Conditions for Residential Caravan Sites .

Residential Site Park Rules

A residential site cannot have park rules if they have not deposited the rules first with the local authority.  If they are not shown on the above Residential Site Park Rules page then no rules have been deposited.

Residential mobile homes public register

Residential mobile home fit and proper person public register