Wealden District Council
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Wealden’s Policies and Plans

The Council’s strategies set out our overall aims for the medium to long term, while our policies state the principles and rules we use to address and make decisions on particular issues.  We have different types of plan, some are strategic in themselves, many are action plans associated with our strategies and others relate to our planning policy and development control functions.


The Council’s Corporate Plan 2019-23 sets out its strategic direction.

The Wealden Equality Scheme sets out how we will ensure that all our services and employment opportunities are provided with equity and fairness to everyone.

This Strategy identifies the key role that Wealden District Council has in delivering the public health agenda and identifies key outcome areas where the Council, in conjunction with partners, can make the most difference to our residents.

Digital Strategy 2021-2024

Digital Strategy – Fully accessible version 2021-2024

This strategy identifies Wealden District Council’s approach to Digital for the years 2021 to 2024.  It builds upon work already undertaken and reinforces the key principles of using digital to effectively deliver the Corporate Plan objectives, support the Council’s business requirements and delivery of customer service.

The Council’s Commercial Strategy forms an essential part of the solution to the funding gap which has arisen due to public sector budget cuts. It will also potentially lead to the generation of disposable income to help meet the council’s ambitions and statutory duties as well as deliver functions, services and outputs that bring benefits to local people.

Anti Fraud Corruption Strategy 
The highest level document within the Framework, providing the key principles to be observed by those associated with the Council. The Strategy provides an overview of the intended culture of the Council in opposing fraud, corruption and malpractice.


Communications Strategy 2017-2020 

Improving communications with the public and assisting the Council to receive due recognition for its services.

Protocol on Media Relations 

This Protocol supplements the principles in the national Code for Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity and the Council’s own Communications Policy.

Social Media Protocol 2014 

Social Media Protocol for Wealden District Council

Code of Corporate Governance 

The system by which local authorities direct and control their functions & relate to their communities.

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Framework

The Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Framework is a collection of four documents setting out the Council’s policies on fraud, corruption and malpractice.

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 – Wealden’s Policy 

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) regulates the work of the council relating to surveillance for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime.


Wealden’s Emergency Planning

Wealden’s preparation for local or national emergencies.

Asset Management Plan 

Sets out the Council’s arrangements to manage assets efficiently and effectively.

Service policies & strategies

Housing Service Strategies and Policies

Benefits Service Policies

Planning Policies

Planning Enforcement Policy

Tourism Strategy

Licensing Policy

Public Health Enforcement Policy

Customer Service Standards