Wealden District Council
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Repairs Standards

A standard for our Repairs Service, agreed by tenants for tenants.

What We Guarantee:

  • You can contact our repairs service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year
  • When you report a repair you will be told who will do the work, and the target time for its completion
  • Whenever possible, work will be carried out by prior appointment
  • Work will be undertaken by experienced & competent trades persons
  • Our trades persons will be presentable, polite and identifiable
  • The right materials will be used to achieve a permanent repair
  • We will undertake quality inspections of work carried out
  • You will have an opportunity to comment on the standards of quality and service for all repairs carried out on your home
  • We will investigate any complaints about the quality of our repairs service and report back within ten days of receiving that complaint.

Reporting Repair Standards


To request a repair please call the 24 hour repairs line using the contact information at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can report a repair online.

Customer Care

You will always be treated in a courteous, polite and professional way by all of our staff. They will ask you sufficient questions to check whether a repair order should be issued or, alternatively, whether the problem needs to be investigated further by one of our technical staff.


Whenever possible, our contractors will try to arrange repair calls by prior appointment.


Both the contractors and the Housing Department will carry out satisfaction surveys to a percentage of repairs. This will help us to ensure that our services are continually monitored and reviewed.

Carrying out the work


Our staff and contractors will always be trained to carry out their work competently and, where necessary, will hold appropriate qualifications. All work will be carried out strictly in accordance with current safety standards.


Our staff and contractors will always be polite and presentable and will offer proof of their identity (if you ever have any doubts about the identity of anyone calling at your home, please telephone us for verification before you let them in).


Our staff and contractors will treat your home with care and respect. They will take all reasonable precautions to ensure inconvenience is kept to a minimum and will clean up after they have completed the work. All materials and workmanship will be to the relevant British Standard specification.

After the work has been done


10% of completed jobs are subject to quality assurance checks.


If you have a complaint about a Contractor, you should contact the Council only after the Contractor’s complaints procedure has been exhausted.


Wealden District Council will ensure you are able to report a repair at any time. Your call will be dealt with in a sympathetic and polite way by staff who have undergone extensive training. When reporting, providing an inspection is not required, you will be told who is going to do the work and the target time for completion. The tradesperson undertaking the work will be competent to do the job, use the right materials and will treat both you and your home with care and respect. We will deal promptly and openly with complaints.

This is how we guarantee our repairs service is accessible to every tenant when they have a problem. It also ensures you are fully aware at all times of the progress being made towards completing the work and that once completed you are fully satisfied.