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Emergency Planning Wealden

World events of a natural kind or man made over recent years such as severe weather conditions, major accidents or terrorist atrocity have drawn attention to the need to be prepared for any type of major incident.

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (external link) and its associated guidance documents gives the meaning of an emergency and obligates the emergency services and other organisations, including Local Authorities, to have formal coordinated plans in place to enable them to respond and deal with emergency incidents.

The UK is divided into a number of ‘Local Resilience Forums’, each of which is responsible for creating and maintaining a Community Risk Register. The Community Risk Register identifies possible emergency situations specific to their Local Area, and the possible actions needed to deal with each risk. We are part of the Sussex Resilience Forum and our Community Risk Register is available to view.

This Government website has information on how you the general public can help yourself and others in emergencies. A lot of it is based on common sense advice and may seem obvious or familiar to you, but it has saved lives in the past. The text has been arranged so you can access advice tailored to your needs.

Emergency Plans

About the Wealden District Council Resilience & Emergency Plan

Wealden District Council has certain duties to prepare for and respond to major emergencies whether they are external affecting some or all of the community or internal threatening the Councils ability to provide its critical services. The Council fully recognises these duties and, in accordance with its policies, will endeavour to protect people, property and the environment and it will actively support other agencies in their actions at times of emergency.

In order to ensure greatest efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out its emergency planning duties, the Council is a full and active member of both the East Sussex Resilience and Emergencies Partnership and the Sussex Resilience Forum (SRF).

The Councils Resilience and Emergency Plan provides a clear framework for the response to general major emergencies. It also includes supplementary plans relating to specific risks requiring some additions or variations to the generic Plan.

Business Continuity

Wealden District Council has its own plans to maintain business continuity; if there were an incident which could potentially cause significant disruption to the services of the Council, particularly critical services. The Councils arrangements for preparing for and responding to a business continuity incident are set out in the Resilience Emergency Plan.