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Exemption Certificates

The grant of an Exemption Certificate, which will permit the use of the vehicle without the need to display vehicle licence plates, will be subject to the vehicle being of an acceptable standard and the vehicle being used only in one or more of the specific circumstances:

  • Corporate bookings to transport employees and clients on business journeys and/or
  • Where the client specifically requests a vehicle of a prestige specification at the time of booking

When so used the vehicle licence plates and the exemption certificate shall be carried inside the vehicle at all times.

This means that when you present your vehicle for the renewal of your existing private hire vehicle licence or for the grant of a new licence, and you request (and are granted) an exemption certificate, your private hire vehicle will be issued with vehicle licence plates which you will have to display at all times when not doing work as detailed above.

In the event of there being any dispute as to the vehicle use then the onus of proving that the vehicle was engaged in such work will lie with the operator of the vehicle and not the Council.