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Vehicle Compliance Test

From the 1 April 2014 the Vehicle Compliance Test (VCT) will replace MOTs as a requirement for licensing a vehicle. The VCT is in effect an MOT which also incorporates the vehicle inspection that would have been carried out by a Licensing Officer. This will include checking for a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, cleanliness of the vehicle inside and outside, correct plates displayed etc.

Your vehicle will need to pass two VCTs per year; one when the licence is granted or renewed and one six months after that date. The garage will give you a copy of the VCT Certificate and it is your responsibility to send that to us.

Although you will need to have a valid VCT Certificate when your vehicle is first licensed, one of our Licensing Officers will also inspect the vehicle as well on this occasion.

When your vehicle licence is due to be renewed, you will not need to bring your vehicle back to the Council Offices for another inspection. Your application form, application fee, current Certificate of Insurance and VCT Certificate of Compliance should be sent to the address below.

There are lots of local garages who can carry out the VCT, to find one near you please view our

List of participating VCT Garages 

Garages are able to provide the standard MOT at the same time if requested. You are strongly recommended to have an MOT carried out the same time as one of the VCTs, as the VCT is not recognised by the DVLA database and you will also need it to obtain road tax for the vehicle.

If you would like to see an example of the VCT Certificate of Compliance then please view our sample VCT  Certificate of Compliance.

If you would like to see what the VCT garage will be checking for please view our VCT Inspection Form. For full details on the VCT Testing standards please view our VCT Testing Standards.